Open House 4-18-2015
Thank you to all the wonderful people who came to visit the cats this open house!  We had people from NY, California, Canada, Ohio, SC, Maryland and NC!                   CLICK TO ENLARGE PICTURES
Lisa with a huge smile holding Candy Romona sitting on the floor with Candy and Paul on her lap, Paul is a big orange cat and Candy is a little orange cat Amber with a big smile holding Honey, Honey is A dilute calico with white and has large dilated eyes Amber with a big smile holding Poppy - a little gray cat It wouldn't be open house without a picture of Glen asleep with a cat,  this time it is Stevie Stephanie doing tour petting Autumn Visitors (I am sorry I don't remember their name) with candy Nancy with Sasha,   Sasha is an interesting looking gray tabby with white Glen with Lily Lisa with Smudge,  Smude is white and has no eyes Eileen kissing Paul on the head Beverly sitting on the floor with Paul on her lap next next previous previous